Wanting to Become a Referral Associate

Don’t loose your classroom effort and time!

The Pinnacle Referral Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Pinnacle, Realtors & Associates. It was designed as a separate brokerage company for those real estate licensees who do not wish to actively participate in the listing of or sale of real estate.

To become a member of PRG, you must currently hold a real estate license in New Jersey. The PRG Associate works in a referring capacity only.

Upon receipt of a real estate buyer or seller lead, the PRG Associate calls the toll-free number 1-888-234-9300 or email us the lead at pinnaclecorporate@gmail.com and provide the name, address, telephone number and email address of the individual or family who requires to purchase or sell a home anywhere in the country.

We will match the prospect with a Sales Associate who is best suited to the prospect's personality and needs. The PRG Associate will also have the option of referring the prospect to a Sales Associate of his/her choice.

Upon closing of the transaction, the PRG Associate will be compensated part of the commission. The process is simple because you do not participate in the listing or selling of real estate. A member's expenses are limited to the state real estate licensing fee (plus continuing education costs) and the low, annual membership dues of $100.

PRG Associates enjoy the professional support of all our Sales Associates in each of our offices.

The Pinnacle Referral Group Associate will be refunded 50.00 for the first two successful referrals sent in the same year! If you accomplish this then the annual dues are zero!!

A real estate license can be a good source of additional income. Membership in Pinnacle Referral Group offers an opportunity to earn referral commissions in an easy and convenient manner.

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